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Yes, we’re accounting, taxation, and business advisory specialists; but we’re also so much more than that. We are friends, loved ones, readers, communicators, puzzlers, volunteers, and runners. But above all else, we are people with a passion for helping business owners grow their wealth.

We might be your walking, talking, master tax guru who drives elicits real growth for your business, but we are still the friendly voice on the phone, or smiling face you see, whenever you need us. 

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Matthew van Mourik


Matt started ABA in 2011 after realising there was a need for services beyond accounting on the Sunshine Coast. He started teaching business owners how to understand and manage their finances and push his clients to make their businesses the best they can be.


Judy Eason

Practice Manager

Judy is the backbone of ABA’s service and administration. As our longest serving ABA team member and qualified by the passage of time, what Judy doesn’t know about ABA and our clients isn’t worth knowing. Judy’s focus on client relations means every experience you have with ABA will be a pleasurable one.


Nicole Gill

Senior Accountant

Nicole is a personified ABA. Knowledgeable and experienced, she’ll explain the concepts you need to know in a straightforward, structured way. With a background in dressage, she knows the commitment that it takes to ensure results are achieved.


Frank Chen

Senior Accountant

Frank is ABA’s tax law specialist. CPA qualified since 2010 he is the first to know any updates and is pretty much our “Google” of the office. He loves to ensure that his clients are getting the best results possible, and always makes our team laugh with his wacky one-liners.


Cheree Clarke

Senior Accountant

Cheree made working from home cool before COVID. CPA qualified since 2012, Cheree has a friendly, easy to understand persona that belies the complexity of the work that she does. Cheree is always thinking outside the box to come up with the best outcome for her clients.


Pete Kerr


Pete is our laid back larriken. His background prior to ABA was as an internal management accountant for multiple companies, so he knows what to be looking for. Pete will read your numbers like a book and present to you what they’re saying in “Scomo” language.


Annabel Dods


Annabel is ABA’s superannuation specialist. Looking after superfunds since 2013 and now working closely with Cheree, Annabel has a curious personality that means she’ll question everything (yes, everything!) until she understands it.


Lyndal Fleming


Coming soon!


Lauren Loring


Coming coon!


Liza Wright


A busy home life means we only get Liza’s company 3 days a week, however don’t let that put you off getting in touch. She’s committed to the balanced life, and doesn’t mind the odd Jetski ride every once in a while either!


Angie Lees


Coming soon!


Alannah Brown

Office Administration

Alannah came to us fresh out of school, but with a massive passion to learn. Alannah has a passion for organisation and administration, she has become an asset at our front desk assisting both our clients and our team.

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Team love & care

Maliki is a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and joined the ABA team early May 2020. She likes belly rubs and grilled chicken. Her favourite hobby is to sleep and chew stuff. Math is not her thing.



Accountant? Bookkeper?

ABA are the best at providing solutions and improving the overall financial wellbeing for our clients. We are the best because our team communicate effectively with our clients which means we are known for our exceptional customer service. If what we do interests you, then we’d love to hear from you.

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